7 Reasons why everyone should live abroad at least once

How many times have you thought about moving abroad but for some reason never seem to close the deal? You think of all the possible scenarios but always deem it too much of a risk to move. In this article we will discuss the 7 reasons why you should take the plunge into one of the most exciting chapters of your life.


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1. Challenge Yourself

Resilience is something that’ll happen when you’re faced with the tough aspects of expat life. Navigating your way around an unfamiliar city, getting used to a new working culture, chatting to colleagues in another language – these are all challenges you might face if you decide to live abroad.  

Mastering these challenges will not only impress future employers but you will become more resilient.


2. Boost your CV

Spending time away from home means you will meet lots of people from different cultures and countries. This can be a real eye opener as you will see many different lifestyles and you will gain an appreciation that there is more than one way to live a life. It’s vital to understand different cultures, different ways of working and being able to work with people from all over the globe.  

Today’s job market is competitive, to say the least. Having experience in your field, and having served abroad in your industry, may just help you gain the upper hand here. Even if you don’t plan on working as an expat abroad, you can still go ahead and learn something new. 


3. Chance to build a new network

Working abroad is a great way to expand your personal and professional network. While it’s already possible to network with people all around the world via online platforms, such as LinkedIn, it’s a completely different experience to meeting people in real life. 

While you work abroad, you’ll be collaborating with locals and expats from other countries—this can expose you to new job opportunities (or opportunities in general!). Additionally, you’ll be forming friendships with people from different backgrounds, some of which will last a lifetime.   


4. Immerse yourself into life abroad.

There’s only so much you can learn about a culture on a short vacation. Working abroad will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of a country, its people, and its culture. You won’t just be a visitor anymore, but a temporary member of that community. This insider view will give you a different perspective on all aspects of life, including family life and politics.  

Once you submerge yourself in a new culture, get to live like the locals do, your taste in just about everything will start gradually shifting… usually for the better. 


5. Find your dream career.

Often, the desire to travel comes from a drive to learn more about ourselves. Many people choose to work abroad not only to travel, but also to try out different jobs and new roles. In particular, working holiday visas are a great opportunity to gain experience in new industries. It is very likely that by working abroad you will find new interests and passions, which might lead you on a path to a new career that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. 


6. The weather will change your life

If you are planning on moving abroad, especially to Australia, then the sunny weather will be one of the best perks of relocating. 

During the summer there is so much to do, whether that is going to festivals with friends or just a nice walk around many of the great towns and cities Australia has to offer. All the while working on your tan. For those that come from colder climates, the winters won’t seem as harsh either.  

7. You’ll learn to love yourself

One of the most important relationships we’ll ever have in our lives are the ones we have with ourselves, and yet it’s something that so little of us get in balance. Once you branch yourself out and become an expat abroad, you’ll get to know yourself a whole lot better. You’ll become more mindful and aware and you’ll get to appreciate the person you are. 



We hope you enjoyed our 7 reasons why you should move abroad at least once in your life but these are just the tip of a massive iceberg. None of us have the exact same life situations and there may be a lot more reasons why you should move abroad. Think about all the amazing things you could experience while reaching your full potential.  

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