What is a Labour Agreement?

Aurec is one of few migration agencies to successfully achieve a Federal On-Hire Labour Agreement with the Department of Immigration. This agreement enables Aurec to provide an independent Sponsorship option for both companies and individuals, affording flexible and fast resource solutions. This means that you can start work as soon as possible on the TSS visa arrangements with Aurec.

Due to the highly publicised skills shortages within many occupation classifications across Australia, employers are increasingly utilising approved agencies to source and/or sponsor skilled workers where they don’t want to hold the visa or have the hassle of sponsoring themselves. This helps both sides in finding the right person for the job without sponsorship hassle.

Our specialist team can also provide an avenue to sponsor your prospective employees on TSS visas if you have already sourced a candidate and wish to offer them a role; alternatively, if you have sourced your own role and it’s simply too much hassle, we can step in and help.